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'Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Gustav Jung

About me

Kitty Folmer
Energetic therapist

Kitty Folmer (MSc) studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, she studied healing and regression therapy. Barbara Brennan, Jason Shulman, the Michael Newton Institute, Dolores Cannon, and many others came on her path. (read more)


The Transformational


I did not expect to get so many new insights during the LBL. Going beyond my own limits is more than worth it.


Kitty works in a very pleasantly inviting and almost no-nonsense way. A deeper connection is created.

The Transformational Voyage is not only insightful to me but rearranges my energy flows. Super impactful.


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The way I work is a form of complementary care that is complementary to mainstream medicine. It supports the healing process but can never be seen as a substitute for regular health care.

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